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Central Heating Installation Edinburgh


Central Heating Engineers Edinburgh

Versatile Heating Services offer professional Central Heating and boiler installation services throughout Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian and Midlothian. We are able to provide a wide range of central heating and boiler installation services - all carried out by a fully qualified, gas safe heating engineer. 

If you need to install a new central heating system, replace any inefficient old radiators with effective ones, or if your boiler is past repair and has to be replaced. We provide all the free advice you require, including free quotes.

The central heating system in your house is built to deliver heat when you need it, allowing you to keep your family comfortable all year round. High quality equipment and parts are essential, but the installation's quality is also key. You run the danger of having a central heating system that frequently malfunctions and operates inefficiently, resulting in expensive repairs if each component is not fitted in accordance with the correct specifications. 

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Time To Change Your Central Heating System?

Perhaps you recently purchased a new house and are extensively renovating it. Perhaps you've lived in your home for a while and have come to the conclusion that your problematic old heating system has to be replaced.

We will take care of the installation of your brand-new heating system for your property, remove your old one, and then install your new efficient system.


We perform all the calculations to determine the types, sizes, and boiler capacities you'll require. From traditional white panel radiators to vertical/horizontal columns and designer radiators, we install a wide variety of heated radiators.

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