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Radiator Power Flushing
Services In Edinburgh


Improve The Performance Of Your Radiators To Reduce Your Bills

Is your central heating system less efficient than it used to be? This could be due to the build up of sludge and scale in the radiator. It is essential to clean your central heating system for optimum performance, cost-effectiveness and prolonged radiator life.


At Versatile Heating Services in Edinburgh, we can carry out a broad range of heating services such as installations, repairs and maintenance. We clean and power flush radiators to remove corrosion deposits and to improve the performance of the heating system

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Benefits Of Power Flushing

  • Cost efficiency

  • Can reduce stress on the boiler

  • More even distribution of heat

  • Increased thermal efficiency

  • Extend the life of your central heating system

  • Remove cold spots from radiators

  • Reduce boiler noises

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

We also provide boiler installations, repairs and servicing.


Power Flushing Explained

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