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Landlord PAT Testing In Edinburgh


PAT Testing Edinburgh

We provide Portable Appliance Testing for landlords across Edinburgh, Midlothian, West Lothian and East Lothian.

PAT is one of the most essential safety tests conducted in the United Kingdom. PAT test certificate stands for portable appliances testing and is conducted to ensure the safety of the portable electric appliances at home or office, to avoid accidents due to electric appliances.

Any landlord who lets residential accommodation, which includes flats, apartments, houses, holiday homes, boats and caravans as a business activity is required by law to ensure the electrical appliances they supply as part of the tenancy are regularly PAT tested and safe.

At Versatile Heating Services we have fully trained staff which will ensure your electrical equipment is tested and complies with electrical regulations.

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Landlord Safety Checks In Edinburgh

Our electrical safety experts carry out PAT Testing using the most reliable and up to date Portable Appliance Testing equipment. The test checks for damaged or faulty electrical equipment and involves:

  • Inspection of plugs and wiring.

  • Cable inspections and connection tests.

  • Identifying continuity and testing it.

  • Lead polarity checks

  • Insulation resistance tests, “electric shock” prevention.

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